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The Slated Collection where tradition meets style.

The Hammond Family have been Slate Craftsmen since the 18th Century. Their trade was based on the traditional use of slate, roofing the colleges, and churches of Ireland.

Slated was founded in 2010 when Tara Hammond discovered many uses for Slate in the home.  The table runner for condiments and hot dishes – trivets for teapots to cheese boards – and began gifting pieces to friends.

The Slated Collection provides a modern and contemporary utilization of the incredibly durable and naturally beautiful Slate stone, giving the family trade a new avenue. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by the Hammond Family.  All of the Slated Pieces are hand cut with a traditional Slaters Knife to enhance the originality and natural elegance of the collection.

The knife used to create every piece of the Slated Collection has been handed down through the generations from Father to Son and is over 150 years old.

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